Let's Talk Abolition: Pride Edition

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Thank you for attending and for your participation in Let's Talk Abolition: Pride Edition! We're grateful for the nourishing dialogue from our panelists and insightful questions from our attendees. We look forward to continuing these vital conversations in community with you.



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Zoom On-demand: bit.ly/letstalkabolition  
YouTube: @CHLPvideo   

There Is No Queer Liberation Without Prison Abolition - Them  
“What Does Abolition Have To Do with HIV Decriminalization and Modernization?” - Positively Aware  
How to Talk about Molecular HIV Surveillance: A Guide for Advocates - PWN-USA, US PLHIV Caucus, and CHLP  
Our Bodies, Our Data: HIV Criminalization in the Age of Mass Surveillance - CHLP, PWN-USA, US PLHIV Caucus, The Williams Institute @ UCLA School of Law  
HIV Criminalization in the United States - CHLP Map  
The Beyond Do No Harm Principles: 13 Principles for Health Care Providers to Interrupt Criminalization - Interrupting Criminalization  
Health Not Prisons Collective Principles  
Webinar: Ending Criminalization - PWN-USA, Reframe Health and Justice, SERO Project, Harm Reduction Coalition  
Abolition and the State: A Discussion Tool, Interrupting Criminalization  
Cops Don't Stop Violence, Interrupting Criminalization   
Consensus Statement on HIV "Treatment as Prevention" in Criminal Law Reform (viral suppression)  

Panelists / Orgs  
Kate D’Adamo, Reframe Health & Justice, reframehealthandjustice.com  
S. Mandisa Moore-O’Neal, CHLP, hivlawandpolicy.org  
Andrea Ritchie, Interrupting Criminalization, interruptingcriminalization.com  
Sallie Thomas, Positive Women’s Network, pwn-usa.org  
Charles Stephens, moderator, Counter Narrative Project, thecounternarrative.org

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