What’s the Hoopla about HIPAA?

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This webinar explains the basics of HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), including when it applies and when it doesn't, and how it protects patient confidentiality within the context of HIV and public health. Advocates will walk away with a greater understanding of HIPAA as well as how it relates to the HIV decriminalization movement.


  • Kae Greenberg (he/him), Staff Attorney, CHLP 
  • Dori Molozanov (she/her), Senior Manager, Health Systems Integration, NASTAD 
  • Rachel Landauer (she/her), Clinical Instructor, Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation (CHLPI), Harvard Law School


  • Kytara Epps (she/her), National Community Outreach Coordinator, CHLP


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