CHLP Receives Grant Funding from Gilead’s COMPASS Initiative® to Expand Efforts Addressing HIV Disparities in the South

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CHLP Receives Grant Funding from Gilead’s COMPASS Initiative® to Expand Efforts Addressing HIV Disparities in the South

CHLP is one of the 34 organizations that will receive a total of $3 million in funding from Gilead’s COMPASS program, a more than $100 million grant program dedicated to mitigating HIV health disparities across the Southern United States. 

CHLP has been named one of the 34 organizations selected to receive a total of $3 million in funding from the Gilead COMPASS Initiative as part of its 2024 Transformative Grant awards. These grants represent Gilead’s final round of funding for the COMPASS Initiative, the company’s 10-year commitment to partner with local communities and support evidence-based solutions that meet the needs of people living with and impacted by HIV in the U.S. South. 

This year’s awardees were chosen by the four COMPASS Coordinating Centers: Emory University Rollins School of Public Health, Southern AIDS Coalition, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work and Wake Forest University School of Divinity. 

In 2021, the Southern United States accounted for almost half of all HIV deaths and 51% of new HIV diagnoses in the U.S., even though it is home to just over a third of the country’s population. Furthermore, communities of color account for nearly 70% of all HIV diagnoses and Black Americans share the most severe burden of HIV of all U.S. racial/ethnic groups. 

To help mitigate these disparities, the Gilead COMPASS Initiative has provided more than $100 million to nearly 500 organizations working to end the HIV epidemic in the region. Additionally, COMPASS has engaged nearly half a million individuals affected by HIV through its programs and services. During the final years of the program, COMPASS will continue to provide ongoing training and technical assistance as grantees work to put their findings into action, and help organizations prepare to share best practices across the United States and the globe in 2027. 

The full list of 2024 Gilead COMPASS Initiative Transformative Grant organizations include: 

  • 904 Health (Jacksonville, Florida) 

  • A Vision 4 Hope (College Park, Georgia) 

  • AIDS Alabama (Birmingham, Alabama) 

  • Borderland Rainbow Center (El Paso, Texas) 

  • Central Alabama Alliance, Resource, & Advocacy Center (Wetumpka, Alabama) 

  • CH PIER (Greenville, Mississippi) 

  • Christ the King Episcopal Church (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida) 

  • Choose Healthy Life (South Carolina) 

  • CryOut Teen Organization (Terry, Mississippi) 

  • Equality Federation Institute (Anchorage, Alaska) 

  • FABRIC, Inc. (Cleveland, Mississippi) 

  • Healthship Associates (Jacksonville, Florida) 

  • HEROES (Columbia, Louisiana) 

  • Inspiration and Change (Sanford, Florida) 

  • McKenzie Project (Miami, Florida) 

  • Mental & Emotional Resource Center, Inc. (Memphis, Tennessee) 

  • Mississippi Center for Justice (Jackson, Mississippi) 

  • National Black Arts Festival (Atlanta, Georgia) 

  • NC AIDS Action Network (Raleigh, North Carolina) 

  • Odyssey House (New Orleans, Louisiana) 

  • Oklahoma Harm Reduction Alliance (Tulsa, Oklahoma) 

  • Plan A Health (Louise, Mississippi) 

  • Pride in the Pews (Texas) 

  • Relationship Unleashed (Memphis, Tennessee) 

  • Saint Paul AME Church (Birmingham, Alabama) 

  • The Center for HIV Law and Policy (Brooklyn, New York) 

  • The CW Williams Community Health Center (Charlotte, North Carolina) 

  • The Normal Anomaly Initiative, Inc. (Houston, Texas) 

  • The T.R.U.T.H. Project, Inc. (Houston, Texas) 

  • THRIVE SS (Atlanta, GA) 

  • Tilde Language Project (Durham, North Carolina) 

  • Triad Health Project (Greensboro, North Carolina) 

  • Vision Community Foundation (Atlanta, Georgia) 

  • Whatsinthemirror? (Austin, Texas) 

About CHLP

CHLP is an abolitionist legal and policy organization that envisions and works for a world where HIV and other stigmatized health conditions are no longer criminalized but met with compassion and the resources to thrive.

About the Gilead COMPASS Initiative 

The Gilead COMPASS Initiative is Gilead’s 10-year, more than $100 million commitment in the Southern United States supporting organizations working to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic. COMPASS aims to build capacity and increase knowledge sharing among community-based organizations in the South, explore interventions that respond to patients' needs and fund awareness and anti-stigma campaigns. Through COMPASS, Gilead plans to dramatically increase the reach of organizations working to address the epidemic and ultimately to improve the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS. To learn more, visit