Remembering and Recommitting on World AIDS Day 35

Red and White graphic with black letters reading Remembering and Recommitting with World AIDS Day logo and presenter head shots.

On December 1, 2023 CHLP commemorated the 35th anniversary of World AIDS Day with the theme “Remember and Commit.”

State-based coalition work to decriminalize HIV has been happening for many years. CHLP, through our Positive Justice Project, works with advocates across the country on legislative strategy, bill language, and more — advocates who have accrued a broad base of experience and working knowledge who can provide guidance and best practices for other coalitions and individuals engaging in this work.

And so for World AIDS Day 35, CHLP convened several already-committed advocates from Georgia, Missouri, and Virginia to discuss their experiences so that this remembering can prompt other advocates recommit to this ongoing, critical work to decriminalize HIV.

The talk was moderated by CHLP's Kytara Epps and features veteran advocates Devin Hursey, representing the Missouri HIV Justice Coalition; Deirdre Johnson, Sero Project, representing ECHO VA coalition; and, Eric Paulk, ProGeorgia, representing the Georgia HIV Justice Coalition. 

Advocates talked not only about the lessons they have learned but what gives them hope in this work:

“That there are folks like us still having these conversations, bringing these things to the forefront, having awareness, having education. That’s what gives me hope.…that there are advocates on fire.” 

--Deirdre Speaks Johnson

Watch the World AIDS Day presentation now on YouTube.

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