Published December, 2022

HIV Criminalization Legal and Policy Assessment Tool, CDC (2022)

Screenshot of report cover with the report title in white on a dark blue backgroubnd.

Published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2022 in collaboration with ChangeLab Solutions, this legal and policy assessment tool assists jurisdictions in evaluating their laws to ensure they align with current scientific and medical evidence. This tool aims to help public health professionals, policymakers, legal counsel, and partners understand how HIV criminalization laws intersect with data privacy laws in their jurisdictions and to facilitate conversations among partners.

The first section provides important background information about HIV and efforts to address HIV. The second section is the core of the assessment tool and identifies key questions and considerations for stakeholders assessing relevant laws, policies, and practices in their own jurisdiction.  This section consists of four subject areas: Health Data Privacy Laws and Policies; State Public Health Surveillance and HIV Testing Laws; HIV Criminalization Laws; and, Considerations and Resources for Implementation and Enforcement. The final section is a series of appendices that offer additional resources and guidance.