Published December, 2013

National HIV/AIDS Strategy, Improving Outcomes: Accelerating Progress Along the HIV Care Continuum, The White House Office of National AIDS Policy (2013)

This report is the first set of recommendations and actions steps for federal agencies to help meet the goals set forth in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS). This report primarily focuses on improving rates of HIV diagnosis and care; however, one recommendation highlights the need to address misconceptions about HIV and HIV-related stigma and discrimination. The report states that the Department of Justice will issue, for the first time, “best practice recommendations to help ensure that Federal and state criminal laws reflect current scientific knowledge regarding HIV and avoid imposition of unique or unwarranted barriers and penalties, including criminal penalties, based on HIV status.” The recommendations and agency action steps in this report echo similar demands made in the Positive Justice Project Consensus Statement on the Criminalization of HIV in the United States and the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) Resolution on Ending Federal and State HIV-Specific Criminal Laws, Prosecutions, and Civil Commitments.