Published April, 2024

Sex Offense Civil Commitment — Minnesota’s Failed Investment and the $100 Million Opportunity to Stop Sexual Violence, SOLPRC (2024)

Screenshot of report cover

The Sex Offense Litigation and Policy Resource Center released a report challenging Minnesota’s allocation of sexual violence prevention resources, with a particular focus on the harms and missed opportunities caused by the extraordinarily disproportionate allocation of resources to Sex Offense Civil Commitment (“SOCC”) and the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (“MSOP”). The report recommends that SOCC laws be repealed, and that MSOP be sunset, so that the $112 million/year budget be reinvested in a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to sexual violence.

This report is accompanied by a letter of support from a diverse group of over 50 legal scholars and practitioners, mental health providers, policy experts, law enforcement members, human rights and civil rights advocates, criminal justice reform groups, and others committed to reducing sexual violence in our communities.

Summary content from Mitchell-Hamline School of Law