Published September, 2013

This is How We Win: A Toolkit for Community Advocates, Ending and Defending Against HIV Criminalization, A Manual for Advocates, Volume 3, The Center for HIV Law and Policy (2013)

This Community Advocate Toolkit was created primarily as a go-to resource for community advocates working on state-level HIV criminalization modernization efforts. It provides quick-reference resources (e.g., HIV criminalization talking points and references), links to longer reference materials (including, links to HIV criminalization resources by issue/subject), and guidance on the legislative process and advocacy strategy prepared by The Center for HIV Law and Policy. To access specific advocacy areas addressed in the Toolkit, see excerpted sections below. An additional helpful resource is The Guiding Principles for Eliminating Disease-Specific Criminal Laws, which calls for modernization of existing laws that exclude HIV and other infectious diseases from long-established interpretations of criminal felony laws requiring proof of intent to harm accompanied by conduct likely to cause death or severe injury for a conviction.  

Ten Things Anyone Can Do To Help End HIV Criminalization

Guide to State-Level Legislative Advocacy

Ryan White Planning Councils and Advocacy Model

How to Talk About HIV Criminalization with Elected Officials, Media, and Others

HIV Criminalization Talking Points and References, FAQs, and Helpful Resources

Elements of a Just Criminal Law Response to Allegations of NonConsensual Exposure to a Serious Infectious Disease: A Guide For Policy Makers

The Guiding Principles for Eliminating Disease-Specific Criminal Laws